Officers and Posts

ASHRAE Orange Empire 2015-2016

President: Jeff Conrad contact

President Elect: Eric Decker contact

Vice-President: Kenneth Golovko contact

Treasurer: Derrick Wyka contact

Secretary: Greg Glover contact

Meetings: Erika Kerr contact

Communications: Carlon Haywood contact

Webmaster: David Yancosky contact

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Craig Hofferber

Mat Waller

Mike Lynaugh

Steve Rawski

Bob Woods


Programs: Eric Decker

Attendance Committee Chair (Meetings): Erica Kerr

Membership Promotion: Jeff Hanzel

Resource Promotion: Michael Garabedian

Student Activities: Bryson Borzini

Refrigeration: Grant Schaffer

Newsletter Editor (Spiel): Robert Hagstrom

Table Top Displays: Jeff Conrad

Historian: Craig Hofferber

Communications: Carlon Haywood

CRC Delegate: John Sawyer

CRC Alternate: Jeff Conrad

Golf Tournament: Dan Davitt

GGAC: Parish Krautkramer

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