Chapter Technology Transfer Committee

This committee is responsible for the following activities at the Orange Empire Chapter level: 

· Promote and administer Technology and Government Affairs Awards programs within the Orange Empire Chapter, and encourage entries in the Region X competition. 

· Coordinate dissemination of technical information in Orange Empire's geographic area 

· Provide input to, and maintain liaisons with local cities, Orange County and California governments on technical issues. 

· Promote the appointment of Orange Empire members to local cities, Orange County, and California government advisory bodies. 

· Keep Orange Empire Chapter members informed on governmental activities on technical issues relating to heating, ventilating, refrigeration and air conditioning. 

· Investigate government-related matters as may be referred by Orange Empire's president or Board of Governors. 

· If Orange Empire Chapter is requested by a governmental body to assist in the writing or development of a regulation, a code, an ordinance or law, or to participate as a member of an advisory group to a government agency, Orange Empire CTTC shall coordinate such activity to ensure conformance to all bylaws and other requirements of ASHRAE. 

· Provide assistance to other committees of Orange Empire with related responsibilities as needed. 

The CTTC Chair for Orange Empire Chapter for 2008-2009 is "_______" or you contact any of the Orange Empire Chapter Officers.

Chapter Technology Award 

The purpose of the Technology Awards Program is to recognize members for innovative designs, communicate that technology to other members and highlight achievements to other professionals.

Each year the Society may present awards in seven categories: 

Commercial Buildings (New and Existing)
Institutional Buildings (New and Existing)
Health Care Facilities (New and Existing)
Industrial Facilities or Processes (New and Existing)
Public Assembly (New and Existing)
Residential (New and Existing)
Alternative or Renewable Energy Use. 

Entries are judged on energy efficiency, indoor air quality and thermal comfort, innovation, operation and maintenance, cost effectiveness, environmental impact and quality of presentation. 

The process for the ASHRAE Technology Awards starts right here at the Chapter level! So this year the Orange Empire Chapter is sponsoring the Chapter Technology Awards Competition. Winners of the Chapter Competition will be sent to the Region CTTC Chair for judging at the Region Technology Award Competition. 

We urge our members to submit their projects.